Phippli Röthl


Three weeks in this beautiful country. I've been there with two friends (Kati and Christopher). Right after our arrival we headed south to Santa Elena de Uairen for a treeking tour to Mt. Roraima.
After that we headed back to Ciudad Bolivar and did a 5 day boat trip (not a cruise! ;-)) on Rio Caura.
Next was a short visit to Merida, then the wetlands in Los Llanos.
Christopher and I spent the last days on Los Roques in the Carribean sea.

These photos have been taken using a Canon EOS 50e and than scanned using a Nikon LS2000.


Mt. Roraima

A 6 day, 50 km trekking tour

Rio Caura

A couple of days on this beautiful river

Los Llanos

The wetland

Los Roques

Relaxing on the last couple of days